About webcanyonstatus.be

This is where the Webcanyon support team communicates with our customers about any system issues or planned maintenance. If you are experiencing problems, but do not see any issues listed on this site, please open a helpdesk ticket on support.webcanyon.be.
Service Status
Datacenter Brussels (BEZA) Operational
BEZAWEB01 Operational
www.webcanyon.be Operational
BEZAWEB02 Operational
client.webcanyon.be (WHMCS client area) Operational
License system Operational
support.webcanyon.be Operational
Headoffice Malle (BEOM) Operational
Phone system Operational
Datacenter Spijkenisse (NLSP) Operational
NLSPWEB01 Operational

Current Open outages

There are no current outages - all services are operational